1. In da Mix: Instrumental Flava, Vol. 3

  2. Trouble Maker (Boogie Down Undervibe)

  3. Trouble Maker (Soulfully Twisted Dub)

  4. 2Unda4U: A Journey to the Underground

  5. In da Mix: Instrumental Flava, Vol. 2

  6. Broken Disco (Scuffy Shoe Mix)

  7. Drop It (Untamed Dub)

  8. No Mercy (Jazzy Mix) [feat MC Zulu]

  9. The Munchie Creatures (Tribal Mix)

  10. Ya No (HexxVybe Remix) [feat Cion Daddy]

  11. Ya No (Urban Salsa Mix) [feat Cion Daddy]

  12. Flashback - The Remixes

  13. Smash'em: The Remixes

  14. Drop It (G.R. Cellar Mix)

  15. Drop it (Untamed Mix)

  16. Digital Freak: The Remixes

  17. Flava of the Month: The Remixes

  18. Time Traveler (Original Mix)

  19. Time Traveler: The Remixes

  20. Keep on Believing (Uplifted Mix) [feat. Kamal Emanuel]

  21. Keep on Believing (G.R. Flava Mix) [feat. Kamal Emanuel]

  22. Blaze D Fire (Hot Whinin Mix) [feat. Mr Shammi]

  23. Another Level: The Remixes

  24. Body Work (Mambo Mix) [feat MC Zulu]

  25. Live Another Day (5th Dimension Mix) [feat. Elisabeth Marie]

  26. Live Another Day (Midtown Mix) [feat Elisabeth Marie]

  27. Riled Up: The Remixes

  28. In da Mix: Instrumental Flava, Vol. 1

  29. House Eternal: The Remixes

  30. Our Hearts (feat. Igor Pose)

  31. Raucous Maker (Heavy Dub)

  32. Not Your Average Dub [Feat. JJ Weekz]

  33. Roll Back (Buckwild Riddim) [feat MC Zulu]

  34. Go Ballistic (Electro Rebel Mix) [feat MC Zulu]

  35. Why Did You Walk Away (Kickback Mix) [feat Antranita]

  36. Ever Ready (Slammin Riddim) [feat MC Zulu]

  37. Ever Ready (TropiHolik Riddim) [feat MC Zulu]

  38. Deep Down Down

  39. Electronic Soul

  40. House Music United (Twisted Dub)

  41. House Music United (Twisted Radio Edit)

  42. Been Missin You (Flipside Dub) [feat Patricia Edwards]

  43. High (Fantasy Mix) [feat Mave O Rick]

  44. Progress (Skooby Snak Underdub) [feat. Billy Dragon]

  45. Mrs. Peter (Bubbly Mix) [feat. Tha Suspect]

  46. Araaraara (Night of Flava Mix) [feat Tha Suspect]

  47. De Rumba (Mamboteo Mix) [feat. Luizor EIM]

  48. Uptown (feat Katie Bregman)

  49. Get Up (G.R. Blvd Dub) [feat. Tha Suspect]

  50. Been Missin You (2AM Extended Vocal Mix) [feat. Patricia Edwards]

  51. Been Missin You (2AM Mix) [feat. Patricia Edwards]

  52. Digital Extrovert - Special Edition

  53. Miss Lady

  54. My Love (G.R. Underdub) [feat. Tha Suspect]


Hectito Phoenix, Arizona

"Music has no race, no colors, no borders. Keep the flava live and never stop the funk" - Hectito

Hectito (Hector Lopez, Jr.) began independently producing music in the 90's. His music is influenced by the many flavors of underground House, R&B, Hip Hop, Caribbean and Latin Music.

Artists that influenced him were Armand Van Helden, MAW, Derrick Carter, Green Velvet, DJ Sneak, Cajmere, others.
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